Norwegian speakers needed

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Lionbridge - Global Services for Machine Intelligence in Tampere, Finland is looking for native Norwegian speakers, for two projects: one for adults (age 18+) and one for minors (namely participants under age 18) 1f1e7_1f1fb.png🇧🇻

The tasks are simple and can be done from home, using a mobile device (Android) or a computer with Chrome (no iPhone/iPad). The first task requires approximately 1 hour of engagement.

The payments are done via PayPal 1f4b0.png💰

Registration link for the adults project:
Parents or legal guardians need to authorize and register the minor participant:

Please let us know in case you had any doubts by writing to

More info about Lionbridge

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. is the world's largest provider of globalization solutions. Formed in 1996, the company offers a range of services.

Lionbridge employs 6000 people in 160 countries and features over 300 000 crowd / home workers.

In 2015 Lionbridge has been selected by Forbes as one of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America and listed as the world's number one language services provider by Common Sense Advisory. 

Visit us at:





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